This minor will provide students with course work that will enhance their background, knowledge and skills in the topical area of energy engineering. The minor covers classes in several fields of science and engineering, encompassing the Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering; the Department of Electrical & Systems Engineering; and the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science. A minor in energy engineering requires the completion of 18 units. It is open to undergraduate students pursuing an engineering major, students from the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) in Arts & Sciences, and students pursuing the environmental studies major. The detailed requirements for the minor can be found on the Minor in Energy Engineering page of the Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering. Questions regarding the minor should be directed to a member of the committee for the energy engineering minor: Professor Pratim Biswas (EECE), Professor Hiro Mukai (ESE) or Professor David Peters (MEMS).

Committee to Oversee Energy Engineering Minor

Pratim Biswas (EECE, Coordinator)

Hiro Mukai (ESE)

David Peters (MEMS)

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