First Year
Calculus II, III (Math 132, 233)33
Humanities or social science elective3
General Chemistry Laboratory I, II (Chem 151, 152)22
General Chemistry I, II (Chem 111A, 112A)33
General Physics I, II (Physics 117A, 118A)44
Principles of Biology I (Biol 2960)4
Second Year
Differential Equations (Math 217)3
Computer Science I, II (CSE 131, 132)33
Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits (ESE 230)4
Principles of Biology II (Biol 2970)4
Organic Chemistry I with Lab (Chem 261)4
Physiological Control Systems (Biol 3058)2
Introduction to Electronic Circuits (ESE 232)3
Engineering Mathematics A (ESE 318)3
Organic Chemistry II with Lab (Chem 262)4
Engineering Mathematics B (ESE 319)3
Third Year
Signals and Systems (ESE 351)3
Engineering Electromagnetics Principles (ESE 330)3
General Biochemistry (Biol 451)4
Humanities or social science elective3
Introduction to Psychology (Psych 100B)3
EE laboratory3
Introduction to Digital Logic and Computer Design (ESE 260)3
Sociological Approaches to American Health (AMCS 226)*3
Probability and Statistics for Engineering (ESE 326)3
Technical Writing (Engr 310)3
Fourth Year
Engineering Ethics and Sustainability (Engr 4501)1
EE laboratory3
Humanities or social science electives36
EE electives with engineering topics units96
Electrical Engineering Capstone Design Projects (ESE 498)3

*L98 AMCS 226 is offered every year or every other year.