Dean's List: The Dean's List is composed of freshman, sophomore, junior and senior engineering students who, for the preceding semester, have achieved a 3.6 or higher grade point average based on a minimum of 12 units of applicable courses taken for grades (not pass/fail). An appropriate entry is added to their official transcripts.

No "I" (incomplete) or "N" (no grade reported) grades may be a part of the semester's record. In order to be eligible for fall Dean's List, all final grades must be posted by the first day of the spring semester. For spring semester, all final grades must be posted by the beginning of Summer Session II in order for a student to be considered.

Latin Honors: The Engineering Curriculum Committee has the responsibility for determining which students will receive the designations cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude. The criterion for making the decision is academic achievement based on cumulative grade point average. Grade point averages are reviewed the week of Commencement, after final grades are submitted, to determine which students are awarded final honors. Latin Honors for August and December graduates are not determined until the subsequent May at which time it will be posted to the students' records.

Valedictorians: Valedictorians are selected from graduating seniors who entered as freshmen. Candidates must have earned a 4.0 cumulative grade point average at Washington University with no repeated courses.

Washington University Engineering Scholarship Program: The Engineering Scholarship Program enables a sponsor — an individual, a group of individuals or a company — to provide a named scholarship. The selection of students is made by the dean's office and is based on academic achievement and potential for professional attainment. There is no application process. The awards are need-based. The total amount of the financial aid package does not change, but the source of the scholarship funds is shifted to funds that have been specifically contributed to the university for that purpose.