The Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science offers a four-year curriculum leading to a professional baccalaureate degree, a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME). This degree is designed to prepare students for graduate school, a professional graduate program or industry. The program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. The BSME curriculum is structured around a basic core of 58 units and a complementary mechanical engineering program of at least 62 units to complete the degree requirement of a total of 120 units.

Basic Core Courses

Humanities, Social Science and Writing

Humanities and social science (refer to SEAS degree requirements for details)18
Engr 310Technical Writing3
Total Units21

Mathematics and Computation

Math 132Calculus II3
Math 233Calculus III3
Math 217Differential Equations3
ESE 318Engineering Mathematics A3
ESE 319Engineering Mathematics B3
ESE 326Probability and Statistics for Engineering3
CSE 131Introduction to Computer Science3
Total Units21

Physical Sciences

Chem 111AGeneral Chemistry I3
Chem 151General Chemistry Laboratory I2
Physics 197Physics I4
Physics 198Physics II4
Physical or Life Science (200-level or above natural science in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Planetary Science, or Environmental Studies)3
Total Units16

 Mechanical Engineering Courses

MEMS 202Computer-Aided Design3
MEMS 205Mechanics and Materials Science Laboratory2
MEMS 253Engineering Mechanics I3
MEMS 255Engineering Mechanics II3
MEMS 301Thermodynamics3
MEMS 305Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Laboratory2
MEMS 3110Machine Elements3
MEMS 3410Fluid Mechanics3
MEMS 3420Heat Transfer3
MEMS 350Engineering Mechanics III3
MEMS 3610Materials Science3
MEMS 405Vibrations and Machine Elements Laboratory2
MEMS 411Mechanical Engineering Design Project3
MEMS 412Design of Thermal Systems3
MEMS 4301Modeling, Simulation and Control3
MEMS 4310Dynamics and Vibrations3
ESE 230Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits4
MEMS senior electives9
Other courses4
Total Units62

Optional Courses:

MEMS 1001Machine Shop Practicum1
MEMS 1003Mechanical Engineering Design and Build1
MEMS 101Introduction to Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Design2