Community-based teaching and learning (CBTL) is embraced by schools and departments across Washington University.

Sometimes referred to as service-learning, these courses combine community engagement with academic course work, and integrate classroom theory with practice in the real world.

We have identified over 75 undergraduate- and graduate-level courses for academic year 2016-2017, enhanced by community-based teaching and learning at Washington University. These courses enable students of all disciplines, from business to art, to engage communities in service, projects, and/or observation, while applying their learning in a real life context.

To nurture growth in this area, the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement offers technical assistance, community partnership facilitation, and capacity-building grants through the Civic Engagement Fund.

Contact:Matthew Bakko

The following list includes only CBTL courses open to undergraduate students. For complete descriptions, a list of credit-bearing programs, and courses in the graduate schools, please visit the Gephardt Institute website.

College of Arts & Sciences/University College

AFAS 103DBeginning Swahili I5
AFAS 104DBeginning Swahili II5
AFAS 203DIntermediate Swahili III3
AFAS 204DIntermediate Swahili IV3
AMCS 316FRediscovering the Child: Interdisciplinary Workshops in an Urban Middle School3
Anthro 141Medicine and Society3
Anthro 142Medicine and Society3
Comp Lit 394Worldwide Translation: Language, Culture, Technology3
Educ 4841Elementary Methods Field Experience2
EnSt 405Sustainability Exchange: Community and University Practicums3
EnSt 406Urban Ecosystem Principles Integration3
EnSt 539Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinicvar.; max 6
Math 200Washington University Math Circle1
Pol Sci 3752Globalization, Urbanization, & the Environment3
Psych 225Internship in Psychology3
Psych 235Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis: Autism Spectrum Disorder3
WGSS 3132Service Learning: Girls' Studies4
WGSS 3171Service Learning: Women and Prison4
WGSS 3942Service Learning: Projects in Domestic Violence4

Olin Business School

MGT 201Management Communication3
MGT 424Business Planning for New Enterprises (The Hatchery) (or MGT 524)3
MGT 501Management Center Practicum3
MGT 520Taylor Community Consulting Project1.5
MGT 550XCEL Entrepreneur Consulting Team3

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts

ARCH 241Community Dynamics3
ARCH 350Service Learning Course: Environmental Issues3
ARCH 355Interdisciplinary Ecosystems Principles Integration1
ARCH 404EDesign: Urban Ecosystem Principles Integration3
ARCH 430ASpecial Topics: Urgent: Activism in Art and Design3
ARCH 457BSegregation by Design: A Historical Analysis of the Impact of Planning and Policy in St. Louis3
ARCH 486ANOMA National Design Competition3
ARCH 490Architecture Service Learning Practicum (The Alberti Program)2
ARCH 490AExplore and Contribute: Collaboration between Washington University and Henry Elementary School3
ARCH 5079Community Development & American Cities3
ARCH 563DReconsidering the Margin: Places of Meeting, Spaces of Transformation3
ART 229FTale of Two Cities: Documenting Our Divides3
ART 235AInteraction Design: Applications for Public Health3
ART 315BPrintmaking: Art Practice3
ART 435MSpecial Topics in Communication Design: Design for Social Impact3
MUD 5078Developing Sustainable Urban Communities3
MUD 564AUrban Development Seminar3
XCORE 307Community Building3
XCORE 336Urban Books3
XCORE 344Digital Filmmaking: City Stories3

School of Engineering & Applied Science

Engr 310Technical Writing3