Get Your Degree Faster.
University College has a range of courses and programs shaped to fit each student's schedule and goals. Students may choose from the options below and, as they browse the semester's course listings, also search under "8-Week" courses, and "Weekend Only."


Adult students can advance more quickly toward their degree with University College's Accelerated Track program, or ACTRAC.

Eligible University College students can enroll in courses that carry the ACTRAC option (noted in the Course Listings). By completing additional course work prescribed by the instructor, students earn 4 credits for each ACTRAC course rather than the usual 3 credits. By taking ACTRAC courses, students can reduce the total number of courses they must take before they graduate.

To qualify, students must be admitted to a University College undergraduate degree program, have successfully completed at least 12 credits, completed a college-level English composition course with a grade of B or better, have a 3.0 minimum GPA, and written approval from a University College adviser. When approved, students register and pay for 4 credits for each ACTRAC course. The ACTRAC option must be chosen at the beginning of the semester, and is not available to Washington University day students.

The "extra credit" work will be specified by the instructor, and will normally include extra reading, writing, and research.

Combined BS/Master's Program

The Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree Program in University College is designed for students who wish to pursue rigorous and accelerated study that will lead to both a Bachelor of Science and either a Master of Arts or Master of Science in areas of study for which there are degree programs in University College.