The Bachelor of Science in Global Leadership and Management prepares students for leadership and management positions in a variety of organizational settings, private and public, domestic and international. The program provides an alternative path of study for the liberally educated business professional seeking practical skills and strategies for successful management in a global business environment.

The program also provides critical analysis of historical and social forces that influence leadership and organizations, and it addresses complex questions from different intellectual perspectives in order to broaden business education.

Additionally, the program enables students to examine the dynamic between culture and successful business practice, both at home and abroad, and it provides the opportunity to study in greater depth the culture of a particular geographic area associated with a student's personal and professional interests. A capstone course blends the program's multidisciplinary course work with students' professional experience to help them produce their own integrated and practical strategy for global leadership development.

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Bachelor of Science in Global Leadership and Management

All University College undergraduate students must satisfy the same general-education requirements. Requirements specific to the major include:

Core Courses: 15 units selected from the following:

Econ 231Economic Statistics3
Phil 234Business Ethics3
PolSci 3342Business and Public Policy3
Bus 125Business Organization and Administration3
or Bus 259 Principles of Management
Bus 251The Law of Business I3
Bus 263Financial and Managerial Accounting3
Bus 265Corporate Strategic and Financial Planning3
or Bus 342 Business Finance
Bus 270Marketing Concepts3
Comm 3411Technology for Managers: Tools and Strategies3
Other courses authorized by University College

Required Major Courses: 18 units

Econ 403AManagerial Economics I3
Econ 427Economic Systems in Theory and Practice3
Psych 381Cross-Cultural Psychology3
Bus 240Introduction to International Business3
or Bus 330 International Management: Leadership Across Cultures
Bus 305Leadership for Organizational Success3
Bus 347International Marketing3
Total Units18

Elective Courses in Culture and Area Studies Courses: 12 units

12 units of authorized Arts & Sciences elective courses enrich an understanding of the culture of a geographic area or areas of study outside of the United States, and thereby strengthen one's global outlook on leadership and management. Suggested areas include, but are not limited to, foreign languages, anthropology, comparative literature, history, international and area studies, political science, psychology, and religious studies. Students pursuing a major in global leadership and management also should take the following courses as either general education requirements or electives:

Econ 103Introduction to Political Economy: Microeconomics3
Econ 104Introduction to Political Economy: Macroeconomics3
PolSci 103Introduction to International Politics3
Psych 100Introduction to Psychology3
EComp 324Professional Writing, Speaking, and Presentation3