The Applied Mathematics Certificate is designed to offer students who have completed the calculus sequence* and have some programming experience** the opportunity to develop skills in applying mathematics.

*The calculus sequence (Calculus I-IV) is a prerequisite for most, but not all, of the upper-level mathematics courses. Check individual course descriptions to confirm prerequisites.

**An introductory programming course such as Math 133 Programming with Python is sufficient preparation.

Contact:Lisa Kuehne

Certificate in Applied Mathematics

The undergraduate Applied Mathematics Certificate is earned by completing six upper-level (300-400) mathematics courses (18 credit units total), of which at least one must be Math 301 Differential Equations or Math 3091 Matrix Algebra. Both courses may be completed to fulfill the certificate requirements.

Required Courses

Math 301Differential Equations3
or Math 3091 Matrix Algebra

Sample Elective Courses

Math 301Differential Equations3
Math 305Probability and Statistics3
Math 3091Matrix Algebra3
Math 3101Foundations for Higher Mathematics3
Math 549Numerical Applied Mathematics3

Statistics Electives

U20 Math 322Biostatistics3
Math 420Experimental Design3
Math 475Statistical Computation3
Math 493Probability3
Math 494Mathematical Statistics3