The Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Creativity offers an innovative approach to the increasingly complex and changing business environment. The program includes four major elements:

  • A toolkit of basic principles and skills for the study and practice of entrepreneurship and business startup
  • Basic grounding in the theory and practice of social entrepreneurship, which focuses on the social, as well as the economic, value of entrepreneurial activity
  • Analysis of the broader context of entrepreneurship, drawing on perspectives from Arts & Sciences disciplines to examine social, economic, historical, and cultural forces that influence the subject
  • Multiple and interdisciplinary perspectives for examining creativity, leadership, and innovation as important elements of entrepreneurial thinking and behavior

The course work and instruction associated with the program are both theoretical and experiential, enabling students to apply course information to their current and prospective work environments.

While this is considered an undergraduate certificate program, all students, with different levels of academic background and professional experience, whose goals and interests in entrepreneurship and leadership are consistent with the program goals, may apply to the program or register for the courses as long as they have met program admission requirements and course prerequisites.

Contact:Tim Nowak

Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Creativity

This is a 24-unit certificate program, composed of required courses and elective courses. Required courses: a) provide basic information, skills, and tools with which to understand and practice entrepreneurship, both in the conventional sense of business startup and the broader sense of social entrepreneurship; and b) provide strategies for effective leadership and management in a variety of entrepreneurial work environments.

Elective courses, which must be drawn from Arts & Sciences disciplines: a) place entrepreneurship and creativity in a broader historical and intellectual context; and b) provide different perspectives, examples, and applications associated with creativity, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurial activity.

All courses, required and elective, are University College evening courses. Other elective courses, evening and day, also may be taken, subject to University College approval.

Required Courses: 15 units

Bus 232Entrepreneurship3
Bus 263Financial and Managerial Accounting3
Bus 270Marketing Concepts3
Bus 305Leadership for Organizational Success3
Bus 410Social Entrepreneurship3