Somatic practices promote integrated personal development — training students in processes for mindful embodied living — and complement disciplines of inquiry that primarily study knowledge about the human body and mind. Though relatively new to disciplines of Western thought, somatic practices are recognized in numerous ancient and contemporary cultures not only as beneficial to physical health, but also as methods for cultivation of mind and discovery of knowledge. Such experience may inform knowledge in such areas as biology, neuroscience, physics, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, and religious studies. Somatic practices also have applied value in professions such as education, performing arts, athletics, medicine, and physical therapy.

The Certificate in Somatic Studies offers a diverse spectrum of established movement processes aimed at self-development, taught by certified instructors in their respective disciplines. With the coordinator's approval, a maximum of 3 units of course work from other disciplines may be applied to the Certificate in Somatic Studies.

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Certificate in Somatic Studies

The Certificate in Somatic Studies is composed of a minimum of 17 credit units of course work, including the required 2-unit course, Dance 285 Introduction to Somatic Practices, an introductory survey of a variety of practices offered in the program, complemented by lectures on related disciplines such as biology, philosophy, and psychology. Students choose an additional 15 units from the courses noted below according to individual interests and goals. With the coordinator's approval, a maximum of 3 units of course work from related disciplines may be applied to the Certificate in Somatic Studies.

While courses for the Certificate in Somatic Studies are listed in the Dance program at Washington University, somatic practices do not require dance training, and are not aimed at public performance skills associated with such artistic disciplines or practices.

Note: Courses that apply to the Certificate in Somatic Studies must be taken for a letter grade. If a course is offered as Pass/Fail only, Certificate candidates should inform the instructor and contact the registrar to verify they are registered for graded credit.

Dance 104Body Conditioning1
Dance 106Introduction to Dance as a Contemporary Art Form2
Dance 110Topics in Dance: The Alexander Technique2
Dance 115Beginning T'ai Chi Ch'uan2
Dance 116Beginning T'ai Chi Ch'uan II2
Dance 119Body-Mind Balance1
Dance 120Yoga and Relaxation Techniques2
Dance 157Dance Workshop1
Dance 176Intro to Authentic Movement & Body-Mind Integration2
Dance 177Languages of Movement Expression2
Dance 208Introduction to Pilates2
Dance 209Awareness Through Movement: The Feldenkrais Method3
Dance 212Contact Improvisation1
Dance 217The Experiential Body2
Dance 220Intermediate Yoga1
Dance 221Mind Body Movement: Yoga and Pilates2
Dance 285Introduction to Somatic Practices (Required)2
Dance 290Movement For Writers2
Dance 385Special Studies in Somaticsvar.; max 3
Dance 411Teaching Creative Movement to Children2
Dance 423Topics in Dance: Dance Movement Therapy2
Dance 430Applied Anatomy for the Performing Artist2
Dance 433Somatic Awareness Approaches3
Dance 436Somatic Awareness Approaches II: Methodology3