The Certificate in Sustainable Management and Organizations provides an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and resolving today's most pressing and complex business and organizational challenges. The program includes foundation courses that examine sustainable living from multiple perspectives, as well as more targeted courses that focus on sustainable business, management, and leadership strategies, including the triple bottom line — economic, social, and environmental.


Certificate in Sustainable Management and Organizations

The program includes 21 units of undergraduate course work: 9 units in required courses noted below, and 12 units in electives noted below (others with authorization).

Required Courses: 9 units

SUST 344Global Development and Sustainability3
Bio 364Global Sustainability3
or Bio 413 Environmental Science: Regional and Global Perspectives
or Bus 358 Systems Thinking and Decision Analysis
SUST 450Sustainability Capstone3
Total Units9

Elective Courses: 12 units chosen from

Bus 305Leadership for Organizational Success3
Bus 3501Public Relations3
Bus 356Operations Management3
Bus 375Contemporary Organization Development: Creativity, Innovation, Sustainability3
HRM 559Strategy Formation and Organizational Effectiveness3
HRM 582Corporate Finance3
NPM 525Financial Management of Nonprofit Organizations3
SUST 325Introduction to Resilience3
SUST 328Environmental Law: Applications Toward Sustainability3
SUST 329The Metropolis3
SUST 3777Accounting and Finance for Sustainable Operations3