MPH/Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology (PhD)

This joint degree program is available exclusively to current Washington University in St. Louis students pursuing a PhD in Anthropology. Students in this program earn a Master of Public Health degree from the Brown School with one additional year of study.

With shared interest in the environmental, biological, cultural and political implications of health outcomes, anthropology and public health have long been intertwined when it comes to solving issues of population health and well-being. The MPH/PhD joint degree program is designed for current Washington University Anthropology PhD students whose research is framed by a population health focus. By integrating a public health perspective into their degree program, students will be equipped with the specific skills and practice-based knowledge that will expand their capacity for studies of the environmental, social and cultural aspects of human society. Visit the Department of Anthropology for more information.

Additional Information

For more information about the MPH/PhD in Anthropology program, please contact Angela Hobson, PhD, Associate Dean for Public Health, by email at, or email Brown School Admissions.

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