MPH Concentrations


The Epidemiology/Biostatistics concentration exposes students to a wide range of quantitative data analysis methods and skills. They are equipped to understand and participate in the design, analysis, and interpretation of public health studies and to effectively translate public health evidence into policy and practice.

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By drawing from a range of concentration competencies, Generalists dedicate their course work to issues pertinent to their research and professional interests. To pursue these competencies, Generalists have the flexibility to learn from faculty members and complete course work from across our established concentrations, which may include topics such as climate change, maternal and child health outcomes, health policy, nutrition, and more. Approximately a third of our MPH students choose to pursue the Generalist track and take full advantage of the program’s extensive and diverse selection of courses.

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Global Health

The Global Health concentration prepares students to confront complex issues primarily impacting resource-poor populations around the world. Graduates are prepared for careers in multilateral organizations, the United States federal government, and nongovernmental organizations based in the United States and abroad.

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Health Policy Analysis

This concentration prepares students to research, analyze and implement public health policies at local, state and federal levels. Students will learn how to enhance the public’s health by understanding the way policies are designed, implemented, analyzed and assessed. Graduates are prepared to work across sectors to navigate the rapidly changing world of modern health policy practice and research and to incorporate the perspectives of both consumers to providers.

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Mental and Behavioral Health 

As a leading cause of disability worldwide, mental health issues are a critical factor in population health. This concentration equips students to promote mental and behavioral health through a transdisciplinary lens. Students prepare to protect and improve the mental health and well-being of individuals, communities and societies using public health strategies. Graduates of this concentration may pursue careers focusing on mental health prevention, research, and policy within governmental, nonprofit, and community health organizations located in both domestic and international settings. 

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Urban Design

The Urban Design concentration brings interdisciplinary thinking to the multifaceted public health challenges that occurs across urban, built environments. Our curriculum prepares students to understand, address and prevent the adverse health consequences and inequities associated with poorly designed urban landscapes. This concentration is offered in collaboration with the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University. 

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