Grading System

  • HP (High Pass): Up to top 20% of any course
  • P (Pass): Satisfactory performance
  • LP (Low Pass): Minimum level of acceptable performance
  • NP (No Pass): Performance is below passing quality

Academic Performance Standards

Academic Probation: Any student with an NP grade or more than three LP grades will be placed on academic probation. The student's case will be considered by the Academic Review Committee, and the student may face immediate academic dismissal. Grades earned in electives do not count toward the limits noted for NP and LP grades.

Graduation Eligibility: Any student with an NP grade or with more than 12 hours of LP grades is ineligible to graduate.

Study Team Performance: Effective performance in study teams is vital to success in the EMBA program. Therefore, demonstrating the capacity to work effectively in teams is mandatory for a student to remain enrolled. Failure to demonstrate effective team performance carries the same consequence as any other academic performance problem, up to and including immediate dismissal from the program.

NP Grades: In the case of an NP grade, the student will be required to retake the course or to take a preapproved equivalent course in the MBA or Professional MBA program. Graduation will be delayed until completion of the makeup course.

LP Grades: Any student earning more than one LP grade is encouraged to meet with the faculty director to determine the underlying cause of the low grades and to develop a plan for improving performance.

Progress Toward Degree: Any student who has not received passing grades for 80% or more of the credit hours associated with their EMBA cohort at the end of each semester may be required to transfer to a future EMBA cohort or be dismissed from the program.

Additional Grades

  • W (Withdrawal): Used for instances when illness or extenuating circumstances require withdrawal from a course prior to completion.
  • I (Incomplete): Course work is not complete on the date that grades are recorded. After 60 days, an incomplete grade is automatically changed to an NP grade unless prior arrangements have been made with the EMBA associate dean, the faculty director, and the faculty member teaching the course.