Tuition and Fees

The cost for St. Louis Class 56 (PDF), which begins in April 2020, is $137,280.

Tuition for the program is billed in five installments. The costs include all tuition and fees for the 20-month program, including textbooks, course materials, on-campus parking and hotel accommodations for all four residencies. Meals and snacks are furnished during class weekends. Career coaching and lifelong learning are two cornerstones available for all of our Executive MBA program students. Airfare to Washington, D.C., and China as well as lodging for class weekends are not included in these costs.

Tuition Refunds

Tuition refunds are determined by the program director.

Nonprofit Scholarships

To offset program costs, Olin offers a limited number of supplemental scholarships to professionals who work for nonprofit organizations. The business school considers this support to be an investment in these individuals and in the community at large. Ideal candidates are senior directors (or above) at qualified nonprofit organizations (excluding postsecondary institutions). In addition, candidates must be admitted to the Executive MBA program and provide compensation documentation, along with any materials that explain the purpose and mission of their nonprofit organization.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement or Sponsorship

Many employers provide full- or partial-tuition assistance to employees who are pursuing degrees part-time. Students should contact their organization's human resources department for specifics about what benefits are offered. Olin Graduate Financial Services is happy to provide customized invoices to assist in the processing of employer tuition benefits.

Financial Aid

Some Executive MBA students receive full or partial financial support from their organizations, but many professionals do not and need to rely on student loans or other types of financial aid. To help students attend the Executive MBA program, Olin provides a comprehensive financial aid program. These resources may be available to students regardless of their income level and assets. Please contact the Olin Graduate Financial Services office for additional information.

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