Online MBA (OMBA) Policies

Degree Completion

The Online MBA program requires the completion of 54 credit units. These credits must be earned as follows:

  • 36 credits of required courses
  • 18 credits of elective courses

Exceptions to graduation requirements may be made in individual cases with the approval of Student Affairs.

MBA Grading System

All Olin MBA programs utilize a pass/fail grading system. As such, grade points are not assigned, and semester class rankings are not calculated. The Olin MBA grading system is as follows:

  • HP (High Pass): Maximum of 20% of any section/course
  • P (Pass): Satisfactory performance
  • LP (Low Pass): Minimum level of acceptable performance
  • NP (No Pass): If a required course, the course must be repeated. There is no credit for NP.
  • N (No Grade): The faculty member has not yet entered a grade for the course.
  • I (Incomplete): Extenuating circumstances preclude the satisfactory completion of course work. With permission of the instructor, students have 60 days after the final exam in which to make up incomplete work. After 60 days, the grade is automatically changed to “No Pass.” The instructor has discretion regarding the 60-day limit.

Grade Changes

A nondisciplinary grade may be changed only by the professor in whose course the grade was initially given. A faculty member may change a grade from "N" providing that the work is made up within 60 days of completion of the course. Exceptions to the 60-day limit must be discussed with the faculty member and/or an academic advisor.

Academic Performance Standards

Academic Alert

A student is placed on “Academic Alert” when they receive an LP or NP grade during a semester.

  • Students on “Academic Alert” will receive a notice from the Graduate Programs Office reminding them of the probation policy and directing them to appropriate resources for ensuring academic success in future semesters.
  • Students on “Academic Alert” are strongly encouraged to connect with their academic advisor to ensure open communication and so the advisor is able to provide academic support as needed.

Academic Warning

A student is elevated to “Academic Warning” when LP grades, NP grades, or a combination of the two cumulatively meet or exceed three grades or 6 credit units, or if a student has received an NP grade in a core course.

  • Students on “Academic Warning” will receive a notice from the Graduate Programs Office reminding them of the probation policy and directing them to appropriate resources for ensuring academic success in future semesters. They will be required to communicate with their academic advisor, who will make suggestions for appropriate action or require the student to retake the course, based on the individual situation. Students will also be required to meet with their advisors on a biweekly basis for the semester in which they are on "Academic Warning."
  • Olin Financial Services will be alerted when a student is elevated to the “Academic Warning” stage to determine compliance with funding parameters and regulations.
  • Failure to communicate with the academic advisor within two weeks of receiving the “Academic Warning” notice could cause the student’s probationary status to be escalated.

Academic Probation

A student is placed on “Academic Probation” when their LP grades, NP grades, or a combination of the two cumulatively meet or exceed 12 credit units.

  • Students on “Academic Probation” are required to meet with their academic advisor to discuss the situation and to create an Academic Action Plan. Students may not graduate from the OMBA program with 12 or more credits of LP or NP grades. They will also be required to meet with their advisor on a biweekly basis until they have resolved their “Academic Probation” status.
  • Olin Financial Services will be alerted when a student is elevated to the “Academic Probation” stage to determine compliance with funding parameters and regulations.
  • The student’s Academic Action Plan must be approved by the Academic Review Committee and monitored by the student’s advisor.
  • Students must respond to their academic advisor within two weeks of receiving the “Academic Probation” notice to avoid escalation of their probationary status.

Once a student is placed on “Academic Probation,” if they do not make satisfactory progress toward a return to good academic standing as judged by the Academic Review Committee, they may face suspension or dismissal from Olin.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal aid recipients' academic progress will be evaluated on an annual basis by WashU Student Financial Services. Failure to meet the necessary criteria can result in the suspension of future aid-eligibility, although students will be granted an opportunity to appeal. Graduate students are expected to achieve the minimum GPA requirements for their specific programs, in addition to meeting federal standards for cumulative pace and completion of their degree program within a prescribed number of attempted hours (grades of W, I, and NP will place a student in jeopardy of not meeting these standards). Please direct any questions about Satisfactory Academic Progress standards or the appeal process to

Standard Classroom Schedule/Out of Class Requirements

Classes in the online programs meet two nights a week from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Central Time. In addition, students will have significant out-of-class requirements (e.g., readings, team meetings, asynchronous course lectures, assignments, projects, exams).

Courses in the online programs will have a 75% attendance policy. For example, for a course that has four sessions, students must attend a minimum of three sessions to receive a passing grade in the course. Faculty members can make stricter attendance policies by class.

Professional Code of Conduct/Academic Integrity

Olin Business School is a community of individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests who share certain fundamental goals. Primary among these goals is the creation and maintenance of an atmosphere conducive to the learning and personal growth of everyone in the community.

Becoming a member of the Olin community is a privilege that brings certain responsibilities and expectations. The success of Olin in attaining its goals and maintaining its reputation of academic excellence depends on the willingness of its members, both collectively and individually, to meet their responsibilities. It is imperative that all individuals associated with Olin conduct themselves with the utmost integrity in all aspects of their life, both on and off campus.

Plagiarism and other forms of cheating will not be tolerated. Where a student has violated the integrity of the academic community, an instructor may recommend that the student be brought before the Academic Review Committee. Please review Integrity Matters (PDF) for more information.

Course Registration

In the Online MBA degree program, students complete courses in a lockstep fashion for the first five semesters, and they will be registered by their academic advisors for all courses. If a student wants to request a change to their course schedule, they will need to communicate with their advisor and adhere to the appropriate registration policies, depending upon the situation.

After completion of the fifth semester in the program, the student will work with their academic advisor to select elective courses. The academic advisor will then work with the Olin Registrar’s Office to complete registration for those courses on the student's behalf.

Each semester, students are encouraged to consult with their advisors on a regular basis to review their academic progress and discuss other matters that may be influencing academic performance. It is also strongly recommended that students consult with faculty and Weston Career Center staff regarding elective courses that will prepare them to fulfill individual educational and career goals.

Semester Credit Cap

All Online MBA students are allowed to enroll in a maximum number of credits per semester, as outlined below. If the semester’s established limit is exceeded, the student will be charged the per-credit rate for all credit units beyond the limit. Students may only exceed the semester credit cap in rare circumstances, and exceptions must be approved by the Graduate Programs Office.

Semester Credit Cap
Semester 1 7 credits
Semester 2 7 credits
Semester 3 7 credits
Semester 4 7 credits
Semester 5 6 credits
Semester 6 6 credits
Semester 7 7 credits
Semester 8 7 credits

Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course

Within the first three weeks of a full semester course, it is possible for a student to drop a course. Because the Online MBA program is completed in a lockstep fashion, a student hoping to withdraw from a course should contact their academic advisor and Olin Financial Services to fully discuss academic progress and financial implications related to course withdrawal. Students who maintain enrollment beyond the drop deadline have accepted responsibility for the completion of the course.

If extenuating health or other circumstances lead to the need for the student to drop the course after the drop deadline, a petition detailing the particular circumstances may be filed with the Graduate Programs Office. If a student’s petition to drop a course past the deadline is approved, the student’s grade will be “W”.

Tuition Refund Schedule

Note: This schedule may not apply if a student is dropping all courses or withdrawing from the program; students in these situations should consult with their Graduate Programs advisor.

Flat-Rate Tuition Programs Withdrawal Date/Refund Schedule

Withdrawal Date Refund
Within the first week of classes 100%
After the first week and before the end of the third week 75%
After the third week and before the end of the seventh week 50%
After the seventh week and before the end of the eighth week 25%
After the eighth week of classes No refund or withdrawal

Withdrawal and Federal Loans

Regulations governing the return of Title IV funds (unsub and Graduate PLUS loans) require the school to determine the earned and unearned portions of disbursed loans as of the date the student ceased attendance. Students who are considering a withdrawal from any or all course work should contact the Olin Financial Services team in order to understand the implications for their current student loan amount and the impacts on their grace period.

Leave of Absence (LOA)

Students who need to take a Leave of Absence should discuss the process and implications with their academic advisor and Olin Financial Services.


A student is considered disengaged when they fail to attend class, do not respond to communications from faculty and/or staff, or have not completed the registration process for the next academic term. Advisors will attempt to contact the student by utilizing both the phone and email addresses on record with the school. If the student fails to respond to communication, does not register for their required academic course load, or is not in financial good standing by the add/drop date for the semester, the leave of absence would be initiated as soon as the Graduate Programs Office becomes aware.

If a student is placed on an administrative leave of absence in the middle of a semester, they remain responsible for the tuition charges according to the refund schedule. If the student fails to respond at the end of the leave term, the leave will be extended for one additional semester (excluding summer terms). At the end of two semesters on a leave of absence, if the student has not developed a plan to complete their curriculum with their academic advisor, the student will be administratively withdrawn from their graduate business program at Washington University. Summer terms are excluded for Full-tTime MBA and SMP students but included for Executive MBA, Professional MBA, and online programs. If the student wishes to return to the program at a future date following their withdrawal, they will follow the application process for the program in the term they wish to start and be required to meet all admission requirements for the program.

Intent to Graduate

Every candidate for a degree must indicate their intent to gradate by filing an Intent to Graduate form via WebSTAC in late December for May graduates and early October for December graduates. Failure to complete the Intent to Graduate form by the respective deadline will result in failure to post the student’s degree in the semester they complete their program.

Recognition Ceremonies

Interested Online MBA students who are completing the program will be invited to attend an in-person graduation ceremony to commemorate their completion of the program.

Awards and Honors

Olin Business School awards are given to honor outstanding achievement. Recipients of the awards listed below are selected based on a variety of factors, and the selection process may include one or more of the following criteria: faculty vote, overall academic record, and course performance.

  • The Charles F. Knight Scholar Awards are presented to the top 7.5% of graduates in each program. This distinction is based on a percentage of credit units receiving HP (High Pass) grades.
  • The top 20% of graduates in each program are invited to join the Beta Gamma Sigma business honor society. This distinction is based on a percentage of HP (High Pass) grades.

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