PhD in Computer Science or Computer Engineering

Students can choose to pursue a PhD in Computer Science or a PhD in Computer Engineering. The requirements vary for each degree. Here are the core requirements:

  • Complete 72 units of regular — including graded — courses (at least 33 units, of which 9 must fulfill breadth requirements), seminars (at least 3 units), and research credits (at least 24 units).
  • Satisfy fundamental teaching requirements by participating in mentored teaching experiences and complete scholarly communication requirements by participating in the Doctoral Student Research Seminar.
  • Pass milestones that demonstrate the ability to understand research literature, to communicate orally and in writing, and to formulate a detailed research plan. These milestones include an oral qualifying examination, a dissertation proposal defense, and a dissertation defense.

For more information, please refer to the Doctoral Program Guide available on the Computer Science & Engineering website.

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