Certificate in Controls


The requirements for the Certificate in Controls include the following:

  • Acceptance into the program
  • Completion of four courses (12 units) approved by the program director, with a minimum grade-point average of 3.0
  • Completion of requirements for a graduate degree in the student's home department

Required Courses:

ESE 520Probability and Stochastic Processes3
ESE 551Linear Dynamic Systems I3
ESE 553Nonlinear Dynamic Systems3

One of the following courses:

ESE 415Optimization3
ESE 425Random Processes and Kalman Filtering3
ESE 543Control Systems Design by State Space Methods3
ESE 547Robust and Adaptive Control3
  • The program must be consistent with the residency and other applicable requirements of Washington University and the McKelvey School of Engineering.
  • Students must obtain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 out of a possible 4.0 overall for courses applied toward the degree. Courses that apply toward the degree must be taken with the credit/letter grade option.

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