The Department of History offers the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in History. Although the department offers any historical specialization covered by a tenured faculty member, it specializes in American political culture; the ideas, culture and society of Central Europe; early modern Europe; East Asia; international urban history; religion in the medieval Mediterranean world; slavery and freedom in national and transnational contexts in 17th- through 19th-century America; and human rights and social justice in the modern United States. These core fields draw on the expertise of substantial segments of the faculty and provide significant opportunities for innovative graduate study that bridges conventional historical fields and fosters interdisciplinary research.

The graduate program admits only a small number of graduate students each year to promote a close working relationship between students and faculty. We invite applications from mature and self-directed students with well-defined research interests. Our seminars are small and flexible, and we encourage students to develop creative, self-tailored programs of doctoral study. The history department funds most doctoral candidates for six years at highly competitive levels and is committed to providing additional financial resources to support advanced research.

Our graduates are accomplished professionals in academia, private high schools, nonprofits, business and the public sector.