Exam Expectations for Faculty

—This information applies to Legacy Curriculum students.—

  • Exams should be proctored by the course director or a designee appointed by the course director comfortable with proctoring and exam administration guidelines. NBME subject exams are proctored by or coordinated by the Office of Student Affairs.
  • Administration should be fair to all students.
  • If the faculty member answers a substantive question or clarifies an issue, the same should be communicated to all students, including those in separate rooms or at different times.
  • Reasonable adjustments should be offered to students who require special accommodations, including a separate testing room or additional time. Course directors are notified of these students through the associate dean for student affairs.
  • If a student behaves inappropriately, the course director should notify the associate dean for student affairs immediately.
  • All requirements of students should be communicated to all students prior to the start of the exam.

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