Asian American Studies

The minor in Asian American Studies is designed to enrich students' critical understanding of both the individual experiences and collective histories of Asian Americans in regional, national and transnational contexts. As an inter- and multi-disciplinary program, it underlines transnational contexts and comparative perspectives for the study of Asian American experiences. By promoting knowledge and understanding of a wide range of Asian American individuals and groups through teaching and research, the minor aims to provide new classroom opportunities for undergraduate students to explore Asian American experiences. It intends to enhance communication and collaboration among various cultural, ethnic and racial groups; to facilitate intellectual exchanges; and to broaden academic inquiries on the subjects of migration, ethnicity and race across different disciplines and programs at Washington University. Involved departments include American Culture Studies; East Asian Languages and Cultures; African and African-American Studies; Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; and more.

The minor in Asian American Studies can nicely complement a major in American Culture Studies, East Asian Languages and Cultures, English, Global Studies, History, Sociology and other fields. Because the questions that animate Asian American Studies span disciplinary boundaries, the minor will inspire students to draw on the methods and insights of multiple disciplines to engage complex real-world problems that necessitate interdisciplinary thinking. Situated in the larger context of the university's commitment to diversity and inclusion, the minor in Asian American Studies is an integral part of the diversity and inclusion initiatives at Washington University that nurture a culturally and academically stimulating environment.

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