French is one of the top five languages spoken around the world today, spanning the continents of Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas along with the Mediterranean and Caribbean regions. The French major and minor offer preparation in language, literature, culture and film as well as opportunities for study abroad. Our undergraduate program features a rich variety of courses for students interested in studying French in relationship to philosophy and politics, the sciences and the arts, sports, and technology. Our summer, semester and year-long study abroad programs in Nice, Toulouse, Paris and Dakar enable students to deepen their understanding and appreciation of French culture by taking courses in the French university system, living with French families, shadowing doctors in French hospitals, completing internships with French businesses, and traveling extensively. Such experiences are the perfect preparation for careers in international business, global health, international medicine, international law, and international relations or diplomacy.

We also provide our students with a range of linguistic, analytical and theoretical tools necessary for a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of French and Francophone literature and culture to prepare them for a variety of careers or further study. French majors who plan to apply to professional schools or to pursue graduate studies in literature, philosophy, history, art history, music, film, anthropology or other related fields are strongly encouraged to pursue independent research during their senior year. Writing a senior honors thesis provides students with a unique opportunity to combine the study of French language, literature and culture with students' other interests and to work closely with a member of our faculty. Our faculty takes an active interest in our students, providing support and encouragement throughout their studies in order to prepare them to become dynamic, conscientious and informed members of today's global community.

We are pleased to offer our students an ongoing series of guest lectures, films, exhibits, and performances by scholars, authors, and artists of international repute under the auspices of our French cultural center, French ConneXions, recognized as a Centre d'Excellence by the French Embassy. We also host a weekly Francophone table and an annual Francophone week, all of which contribute to our intellectually dynamic and personally rewarding social environment. We regularly host colloquia that attract scholars from St. Louis and around the world.

Please visit our department website to learn more about our French for the Medical Professions track, which offers courses that are cross-listed with Medical Humanities and Global Health.

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