The Department of Classics offers courses in ancient Greek to allow students to pursue deeper study of Greek history, literature and culture. Students may choose between two beginning Greek tracks that will allow them, within four semesters, to master the grammar and to read Plato and Homer. Thereafter, students have the opportunity to study numerous Greek authors and texts, including poetry, drama, history, novels, the New Testament and inscriptions. They also have the opportunity to do their own research and to assist with faculty members’ research projects. The Department of Classics offers a variety of courses in Greek and Roman history, literature, archaeology and culture to build students’ broader knowledge of the ancient Mediterranean world. Resources on campus that support the study of ancient Greek and the Greeks include collections of Greek papyri and art and the Wulfing Coin Collection.

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Study Abroad: Washington University is associated with both the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies (a.k.a. "The Centro") in Rome and the College Year in Athens program. Interested students should contact Professor Luis Salas. Some other study abroad programs also allow students to obtain credit in Greek.

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Contact:Luis Alejandro Salas