The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures (EALC) offers a major and minor in East Asian Languages and Cultures that allows cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of East Asia. Students can choose either to focus in one of our three linguistic and cultural traditions — Chinese, Japanese, and Korean — or to explore different traditions and societies by taking courses in multiple regions. Our major opens up career opportunities in diplomacy, business, law, journalism, and higher education, in addition to providing preparation for further study in the relevant languages and cultures. The major entails advanced training in the chosen language and a sound background in the respective literature and culture. Students are encouraged to enhance their cultural knowledge by enrolling in relevant courses offered through other departments and programs such as Anthropology, Art History, Film and Media Studies, History, Global Studies, Performing Arts, and Religious Studies.

For information about the major, please visit the EALC Majors page.

For information about the minor, please visit the EALC Minors page.

Language Placement: Placement tests are required for all students entering our language programs, with the exception of those students who have had no previous knowledge of the language and are planning to enroll during the first semester of the first year of instruction. Students who test into second-year Japanese and satisfactorily complete (with a grade of B- or better) at least one semester of language study may petition for 3 units of retroactive credit; students who test into third year or above and satisfactorily complete (with a grade of B- or better) at least one semester of language study may petition for 6 units of retroactive credit. Credit is limited to 3 units for those testing into second year and 6 units for those testing into third year or above. Please note that students with native language proficiency as determined by the Japanese language section, as well as students who enroll in courses below their placement level, are ineligible for retroactive credit units. Students who misrepresent their language proficiency so as to gain entrance to a course at the elementary or intermediate level will be dropped from that course.

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