Speaking Spanish is the key to unlocking the cultures, traditions and experiences of 20 different countries throughout the world. From the medieval knights and Don Quixote to the modern novels by prize-winning authors and the world of film, the Spanish faculty of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures guides Spanish students into the unexpected territories of Europe and Latin America, which are as rich geographically as they are culturally. Students who major and minor in Spanish graduate with top-notch communication skills. Our students speak Spanish and understand culture, both of which are valuable professional skills today. The exponential growth of the Spanish-speaking population in the United States, the constant presence of Latin America at the top of America's political and business agenda, and the continued lure of Spain as a gateway to Europe and parts of Africa make speaking Spanish and the ability to interpret the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries two of the most profitable and enjoyable skills that one can acquire.

Study abroad opportunities complement our courses in St. Louis. These opportunities include a summer program in Spain and semester programs in Chile and Spain. In addition, our Spanish program is linked to volunteer opportunities with the Latino community in St. Louis. For more information about the Spanish major and minor, visit our website.

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