Urban Studies

The interdisciplinary major in Urban Studies is ideal for students drawn to serious examination of the profound issues confronting urban/metropolitan America. Urban Studies seeks to prepare students — who are indeed our nation's future leaders — for the challenge of solving these issues. We help students to research and investigate such issues as the evolving patterns of metropolitanism and the necessity for central city reconstruction; the problems associated with regentrification, urban sprawl and affordable housing; the crises confronting newly emerging immigrant communities and the social cleavages of urban marginalized communities; unemployment and underemployment; law and justice; HIV/AIDS and issues of public health; the economic underdevelopment of poor communities; race and inequality; the paradox of declining welfare rolls amidst escalating poverty rates; underperforming urban schools; and the in-migration and out-migration of the city and its schools. All available social indices suggest that such domestic issues in our central cities will only increase in significance during the years ahead. The fact that many of the aforementioned issues are deeply embedded in the cities of the world allows students in the Urban Studies program to focus not just on domestic cities but on global cities as well.

Urban studies is a stand-alone major. Current students in the program are jointly pursuing study in pre-law, pre-medicine, public health, political science, educational studies, environmental studies, economics, global studies, philosophy-neuroscience-psychology, architecture and comparative arts, among others. Our purpose is to prepare students to critically engage with the social, political and economic dilemmas facing the world's cities with intellectual rigor, integrity, sensitivity and compassion. The program draws faculty and course work from various academic units, including Arts & Sciences, the Brown School (social work and public health), the School of Law, and the College of Architecture at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts. To complement our course work, the Urban Studies program accepts internships that are based locally, nationally, or internationally, with appropriate support documents.

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Contact:Carol Camp Yeakey