The Minor in Human-Computer Interaction

The human-computer interaction (HCI) minor is designed to give any undergraduate student at Washington University a multidisciplinary understanding of the principles and applications of HCI. This minor will introduce students to the techniques necessary to create effective user interfaces: requirements gathering, ideation, prototyping, visual design and evaluation. Students will explore these ideas in a variety of application contexts.

The HCI minor is intended for students who are interested in the design of user-centered interactive technologies and those desiring jobs that include user interface creation, product design, UX/UI design, app development, virtual and augmented realities, and so on. This minor should appeal to students in the College of Art — particularly designers and computationally intrigued artists — who are interested in gaining a more in-depth knowledge of back-end development skills. It will also be of interest to engineering students looking for more experience with aesthetics and front-end design skills. In addition to being useful for these primary audiences, this minor allows students from other departments on campus to support their studies with a clear track in a hybrid pursuit of design and programming.

Course Work

Students must complete two pillar courses, one integration course and three approved electives. Courses listed below are considered approved elective offerings between the Sam Fox School and the McKelvey School of Engineering.

  • Pillar Courses (6 units):
ART 138SVisual Principles for the Screen3
CSE 131Introduction to Computer Science3
  • Integration Courses (3 units):
ART 236AInteraction Design: Understanding Health and Well-Being3
CSE 256AIntroduction to Human-Centered Design3
  • Electives (9 units, with at least one course each from CSE and Art/Design):
ART 332JUX Research Methods for Design3
ART 336BAdvanced Interaction Design3
ART 336PConditional Design3
ART 338ICommunication Design: Interaction Foundations3
ART 432AInteraction Design: User-Centered Applications3
ART 440T Advance Visual Principles for the Screen3
CSE 204AWeb Development3
CSE 330SRapid Prototype Development and Creative Programming3
CSE 438SMobile Application Development3
CSE 450AVideo Game Programming3
CSE 457AIntroduction to Visualization3
CSE 556AHuman-Computer Interaction Methods3
CSE 557AAdvanced Visualization3
PNP 200Introduction to Cognitive Science3
Psych 360Cognitive Psychology3

Additional approved elective courses can be found by viewing the Google Docs file maintained for this program.