The Minor in Robotics

Robotic systems have a wide range of applications in modern technology and manufacturing. Robots can vary in complexity and use, from the microrobots used for surgical procedures to the moderate-sized robots common in manufacturing and undersea exploration to the macrorobots used for the disposal of nuclear waste and as arms on space-station modules. The program designed for a minor in robotics provides a fundamental understanding of robotic operation and preliminary training in the design and use of robots.

Units required: 18


CSE 131Introduction to Computer Science3
Math 217Differential Equations3
Physics 191
Physics I
and Physics I Laboratory
Physics 192
Physics II
and Physics II Laboratory

Required courses:

ESE 351Signals and Systems3
or MEMS 4310 Vibrations
ESE 446Robotics: Dynamics and Control3
ESE 4480Control Systems Design Laboratory3
MEMS 255Dynamics3
Total Units12

Two additional courses must be chosen with the approval of the director of the program for a minor in robotics. Suggested courses include the following:

CSE 417TIntroduction to Machine Learning3
CSE 546TComputational Geometry3
ESE 441Control Systems3
or MEMS 4301 Modeling, Simulation and Control
MEMS 3110Machine Elements3

For more information about the minor, contact Dennis Mell (ESE) or Jackson Potter (MEMS).

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