The Minor in Environmental Engineering Science

The EECE department sponsors an undergraduate minor in environmental engineering science. This 21-unit program prepares the student to seek an entry-level position as an environmental engineer, scientist or analyst. The minor also provides a solid foundation for undertaking graduate study in environmental engineering. Visit the EECE department website for more information.

Units required: 21

Required courses:

Select from the following menus:

Introduction* (3 units):

EECE 101Introduction to Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering (fall)3
EECE 210Introduction to Environmental Engineering (spring)3

 Environmental Chemistry** (3 units):

EECE 505Aquatic Chemistry (fall)3
EECE 531Environmental Organic Chemistry (fall)3

Environmental Engineering electives** (9 units):

EECE 308Water Resources Engineering (fall)3
EECE 309Environmental Engineering Fate and Transport (fall)3
EECE 311Green Engineering (fall)3
EECE 314Air Quality Engineering with Lab (fall)4
EECE 407Environmental Biotechnology (fall)3
EECE 425Environmental Engineering Laboratory (spring)3
EECE 504Aerosol Science and Technology (fall)3
EECE 514Atmospheric Science and Climate (spring)3
EECE 533Physical and Chemical Processes for Water Treatment (spring)3

Additional eligible courses (new courses, special offerings) will be posted on the EECE website as they become available.

Natural Science (3 units):

Biol 381Introduction to Ecology (spring)3
EEPS 323Biogeochemistry (spring)3
EEPS 342Environmental Systems3
EEPS 386The Earth's Climate System3
EEPS 413Introduction To Soil Science3
EEPS 428Hydrology (fall, most years)3
EEPS 442Aqueous Geochemistry3

Environmental Policy and Social Science (3 units):

Econ 451Environmental Policy (fall)3
EnSt 310Ecological Economics (fall)3
EnSt 346Environmental Justice (spring)3
EnSt 347Sustainable Cities (spring)3
EnSt 357Multiparty Environmental Decision Making (spring)3
EnSt 452International Climate Negotiation Seminar (fall)4
EnSt 461Intro to Environmental Law3
EnSt 539Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic (fall, spring)var.; max 3

First-year students potentially interested in majoring in chemical engineering should take EECE 101; all other students working toward the minor in environmental engineering science should take EECE 210.


Students taking both environmental chemistry courses can count one of them toward the environmental engineering electives.

Committee to Oversee Environmental Engineering Science Minor

Daniel Giammar (EECE, Coordinator); Kristen Wyckoff (EECE); Brent Williams (EECE)

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