Associate in Arts Degree

The Associate in Arts (AA) degree provides a framework for understanding the disciplines and skills of a liberal arts degree, a foundation for further study at the bachelor's degree level, and an initial academic credential required for career advancement. The degree is awarded to students who successfully complete the equivalent of two years of undergraduate study.

The courses completed for the degree count toward all Bachelor of Science degree programs at University College. Students preparing for a career in nursing are encouraged to meet with an advisor to select courses that meet admission requirements for Bachelor of Science nursing degree programs.

University College offers the Associate in Arts degree with concentrations in the following areas:

  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Mathematics, others with authorization
  • Social Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Women and Gender Studies, others with authorization
  • Humanities: Classics, History, Literature, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Art History, others with authorization
  • Professional Studies*: Business, Communications, Journalism, Health Care, Clinical Research Management, Sustainability, others with authorization

The Business and Forensic Psychology certificates could be used to complete the majority of the Professional Studies area (i.e., as 15 of the 18 required units).

Fully Online Option

Adult students may require more flexibility to work around their schedules. University College offers the Associate in Arts degree 100% online, fully in-person, or through a combination of both formats to provide options for busy professionals. Students who decide to complete the Associate in Arts program online will select a concentration in Social Sciences, Humanities, or Professional Studies. Students interested in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics concentration will need to take some courses on campus.

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