Dual Degree: MArch/MPH

This program fulfills the requirements of two professional degrees: the Master of Architecture (MArch) and the Master of Public Health (MPH). This partnership between the Sam Fox School and the Brown School prepares graduate architecture and public health students to understand the built environment through a public health lens.

Similar in mission, architects and public health professionals are responsive to the needs and societal changes impacting communities, institutions, and individuals by transforming communities at the intersection of complex public health issues and the built environment. The built environment is a key factor in public health outcomes, including injury prevention, obesity, climate change and natural disasters. Architects are looking at new ways to enhance health as they design environments that promote physical, mental and social well-being through buildings, neighborhoods and cities. 

The MArch/MPH program requires 139 units for those entering the three-year MArch program (i.e., those without a Bachelor of Science in architecture) and 109 units for those admitted to the two-year MArch program.

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