Master of Architecture: MArch 2

This four-semester program is for strong architectural design students beginning their studies who hold baccalaureate degrees in architecture (a BS in Architecture, typically, or a professional degree from outside of the United States). Students are considered for placement in the MArch 2 curriculum on the basis of design portfolio evaluation and the extent of their undergraduate architectural studies. Placement in this curriculum is highly selective. The MArch 2 program begins with the final comprehensive core studio (ARCH 419) and concludes with the Degree Project. This 75-credit program leads to a professionally accredited Master of Architecture degree. 

Waiver Requirements

Students admitted to the MArch 2 program have the opportunity to waive the following courses:

Students must obtain a waiver prior to the semester in which they would normally be expected to take the course that is being waived. In other words, students may not skip a required course on the assumption that they will receive a waiver for it in the future. 

Any such waiver requires evidence that the student has had adequate exposure to the required material as part of their previous academic experience. Course waivers will only be granted for an equivalent course or a combination of satisfactorily completed courses to fulfill NAAB-accredited program requirements. Equivalence is measured in terms of both content and assignments.

A total of 6 waived units may count toward the degree; all other waived units must be replaced with general electives. 

Please note that admitted MArch2 students must waive at least one of the courses listed above or they must take both Structures I and Structures II during the first summer of their program.

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