Dual Degree: MSW/MArch or MSW/MUD

The Sam Fox School's Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design and the Brown School offer a unique dual degree program for students who already have a Bachelor of Science in architecture (although those with other degrees/majors who are willing to pursue a longer program of study may do so) as well as for social work students who want to increase their awareness of the role of physical environs in the welfare of their clientele.

This program links the concerns of physical design with those of social welfare and practice. The intent of the program is to educate and prepare architects and urban designers to understand the built and urban environments through the lens of social work values and to be responsive to the emotional, social, and physical needs of individuals, families and communities. The dual degree opens career opportunities in community development and planning, housing rehabilitation and residential design for populations at risk, such as people who are developmentally disabled, elderly or economically disadvantaged.

Students entering the Master of Architecture (MArch 2) program who also have been admitted to the Master of Social Work (MSW) program will need three and a half to four academic years of study split between the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design and the Brown School. Students admitted into the Master of Urban Design (MUD) and Master of Social Work (MSW) program spend a minimum of two semesters in the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design completing the MUD requirements and four semesters in the Brown School completing the MSW requirements. For both the MArch/MSW and MUD/MSW dual-degree programs, students may start their initial year in either school.

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