Graduate students are governed by policies established by the university; by the Office of Graduate Studies, Arts & Sciences; and by the student's department, division or program. Therefore, the policies identified here and elsewhere in this Bulletin are not to be considered a complete list. However, every attempt has been made to identify the location of those policies that affect most or all students in the Office of Graduate Studies, Arts & Sciences.

In this Bulletin, the University Policies page covers many of the policies that apply to both graduate and undergraduate students, specifically in the areas of nondiscrimination, student health, student conduct, academic integrity, intent to graduate, and academic records and transcripts. In addition, it refers to the university's Compliance and Policies page. Graduate students should follow that page's links to the Information Technology, Computers and Internet Policies and to the Intellectual Property Policies and the Research Policies; most of the former and many of the latter will apply to all graduate students.

The website of the Office of Graduate Studies, Arts & Sciences, has a Policies & Procedures page that includes links to the full text of several of its policies, including those related to the following:

  • Academic and Professional Integrity for Graduate Students
  • Access to Student Academic Records
  • Alcohol Service (at events sponsored by graduate students and organizations)
  • Bias-Related University Policies
  • Change of Student Status
  • Confidentiality 
  • Consensual Relationships (between Faculty, Staff or Students)
  • Courses & Grades
  • Dissenting Votes (at a dissertation defense)
  • Enrollment & Registration 
  • Grade Appeals
  • Interdisciplinary Opportunities
  • International Travel 
  • Leaves (Leave of Absence, Medical Leave of Absence, Involuntary Leave, New Child Leave)
  • Part-Time Employment
  • Probation & Dismissal for Academic Reasons
  • Reinstatement 
  • Residency Requirement 
  • Retake a Course
  • Student Grievance Procedures
  • Time Off
  • Transfer of Credit
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Withdrawal

Please note that the majority of these policies cover the same topics as quite different versions found elsewhere in the Bulletin or on the university's website that are applicable only to undergraduate students. Reviewing these documents through the website of the Office of Graduate Studies, Arts & Sciences, is the best way to guarantee access to the relevant policy for graduate students.

The minimum grade-point average requirements needed to maintain eligibility for satisfactory academic progress are dictated by the specific program of study. In each case, per the requirements of 34 C.F.R. 668.34(a)(4(ii), the federal student aid program requires a minimum of a C average to maintain eligibility for aid, but an individual degree or certificate program may have a higher minimum GPA for federal Satisfactory Academic Progress. The minimum GPA for good standing in graduate programs in Arts & Sciences is 3.0.

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