International Affairs

The Advanced Certificate in International Affairs provides a foundation of courses for students who want to understand and analyze the complex questions, risks and opportunities associated with living and working in a rapidly changing global environment. Our heightened economic and political interdependence generates challenges in areas such as social justice, diversity, international security, sustainable development, resource distribution, technology and human rights. Moreover, rising nationalism and complex ethnic and religious tensions pose ongoing challenges while at the same time inviting strategies for compromise and cooperation.

Breathtaking changes in political, economic and social relations have taken place over the past several centuries. Living and working in a rapidly changing global environment presents great opportunities to advance the human condition, promote growth and development, create political liberties, recast bargains between governments and their societies, transform social welfare, and advance the boundaries of knowledge and scientific exploration.

Yet the same context presents great risks as people fear loss of identity, worry about economic subordination and loss to those beyond their borders, encounter environmental degradation, and confront potential decline in personal and social autonomy. These challenges create the possibility of conflict but also offer opportunities for cooperation and compromise.

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