Doctoral Program Financial Information

Tuition Policy

The 2024-25 tuition and fees for graduate students in the McKelvey School of Engineering can be found on the McKelvey Graduate Admissions webpage. Tuition for full-time students is determined by each student's prime division, not by the division that teaches the course. Students should check with their department before enrolling in courses outside their division.

Tuition and Fees

The maximum tuition fee is the equivalent of 9 semester units. Students who enroll for 9 or more units per semester are automatically regarded as full-time students and are charged a flat full-time rate. Students enrolled for fewer than 9 units are charged on a per-unit basis. The tuition rate is subject to annual change.

Tuition Remission

McKelvey will provide tuition remission for the length of the student’s program as long as academic progress is being made. Students pursuing a certificate or an unrelated master's degree in addition to their PhD must consult the departments and advisors about credit sharing between the programs. To be eligible for tuition remission, courses must be offered at the graduate level. Depending on the program, graduate-level courses typically begin with courses numbered in the 500s. Students wishing to enroll in courses outside of these parameters or to take courses through the School of Continuing & Professional Studies and receive tuition remission will need to provide justification of relevancy to their program from their advisor. Students pursuing a certificate or an unrelated master's degree in addition to their PhD must consult their departments and advisors for approval. Tuition remission may not be provided for these courses. In the event that a PhD student is responsible for the tuition of a course, they should consult the school refund timeline and policies for information.

Financial Aid

PhD students interested in applying for federal student loans should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the appropriate academic year. For more information, contact

Insurance and Health-Related Subsidies

All full-time students on the Danforth Campus are charged a mandatory health fee that gives them access to Habif Health and Wellness Center. In addition, they are enrolled in the student health insurance plan, or they may present proof of comparable coverage to opt out. International students are not allowed to waive health insurance. Both the health fee and the health insurance premium are subject to annual change. Effective as of August 1, 2023, McKelvey covers the cost of the health and dental insurance fees. Students receiving special fellowship support may have different arrangements for covering their health fees and insurance. Please consult the program information for specific questions.

Part-Time Employment

If a full-time supported graduate student wishes to accept part-time employment within Washington University or outside of the university, the following guidelines must be followed. The Internal Revenue Service, the Washington University Human Resources Office, and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services all make important distinctions between students and employees. These guidelines are designed to assist graduate students in retaining their status as students.

McKelvey students receiving support are allowed a maximum of 6 hours per week of additional part-time employment while maintaining their status as students. Students must consult and receive approval from their programs in order to accept an additional position, as not all programs allow employment outside of the program.

Part-time employment as noted in this policy is separate from the request for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and/or internships. International students should consult with the Office for International Students and Scholars regarding requirements for CPT, and all students should consult with their program regarding taking an internship position. Students taking an internship/CPT may have a reduction in or even cease receipt of their financial support from the program.

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