Master's Program Financial Information

Tuition Policy

The 2024-25 tuition and fees for graduate students in the McKelvey School of Engineering can be found on the McKelvey Graduate Admissions webpage. Tuition for full-time students is determined by each student's prime division, not by the division that teaches the course. Students should check with their department before enrolling in courses outside their division.

Students who will receive reimbursement from their employers are responsible for tuition being paid by the due date. Employer reimbursements that are contingent upon course completion and/or a satisfactory grade will not exempt the student from stated due dates and the assessment of penalties.

All full-time graduate students in Engineering (DSc and master's) are assessed tuition at a full-time tuition rate. Part-time graduate students are assessed tuition on a per-unit basis. If a full-time student withdraws from courses to become a part-time student after the add/drop (100%) period, tuition is recalculated to the part-time per-unit rate for the remaining units, and the refund schedule below is applied to the tuition of the withdrawn courses. Part-time students should also follow the refund schedule below. Refunds are computed from the date on which the course is dropped, as reflected in the Student Information System. Refund checks are made available as soon as possible (usually four to six weeks after the drop is completed).

Period of Withdrawal Percent of Refund
1st or 2nd week of classes 100%
3rd or 4th week of classes 80%
5th or 6th week of classes 60%
7th or 8th week of classes 50%
9th or 10th week of classes 40%
After 10th week of classes No refund

Note: After the date of the first class meeting, refunds are not granted for short courses, which run less than the full semester length. Questions concerning the refund policy should be directed to the Engineering Accounting Office at 314-935-6183.

Financial Aid

Master's students are expected to be self-supporting and are generally not eligible for any institutional financial assistance. However, participants in the bachelor's/master's program and the dual degree program could qualify for tuition remission. All master's students who attend at least half-time (i.e., 3 units in the summer and 4.5 units in the fall and spring) and who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents may be eligible for federal student loans.

Students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the appropriate academic year. For more information, contact


The federal government provides a number of student loan programs, and there are rules and requirements for each program. These programs are subject to change by the government agencies that oversee them, and they require that detailed financial information be provided by the student. For more information about federal loans available to graduate students, please visit the Engineering website.

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