Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

The Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science offers both PhD and DSc programs in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering as well as a DSc in Materials Science. The department's research strengths include biomechanics and biotechnology, energy and sustainability, advanced materials and aerospace systems. The doctoral student works in conjunction with their advisor to design the program of study and the research project. The dissertation is defended at the end of the research effort. A typical time to PhD after the completion of the undergraduate engineering degree is four to five years, but the length of the program may vary, depending on the individual and the area of study.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science offers a Master of Science (MS) degree in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, or Materials Science and Engineering. The department also offers a Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering for those coming from fields closely related to mechanical engineering. The MS degrees can be completed using either a course option or a thesis option. For the thesis option, the student will work closely with a faculty advisor on the thesis project. A typical time for the completion of an MS or MEng degree is one and one-half to two years, with the thesis option usually taking longer than the course option.

Faculty contact for the PhD program: Amit Pathak

Faculty contact for the MS and DSc programs: David Peters

Faculty contact for the MS in Materials Science & Engineering: Katharine Flores

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