This 12-month professional graduate degree is a master's program based in course work for students interested in state-of-the-art practice in environmental engineering, energy systems, and chemical engineering. The master's degree provides students with critical scientific and engineering skill sets; leadership training for management, economics, and policy decision; and the opportunity to specialize in specific pathways. The curriculum is geared to enhance skill sets for practice in industry.

The program consists of 30 units, with a total of five required core courses in four areas:

  • Technical Core (6 units)
  • Mathematics (3 units)
  • Project Management (3 units)
  • Social, Legal, and Policy Aspects (3 units)

Elective courses (400- or 500-level) are selected with the approval of the academic adviser. All courses comprising the required 30 credits must be taken for a grade (i.e., cannot be taken pass/fail), and a minimum GPA of 2.70 is required for graduation.

Pathways composed of specific elective courses can be completed to result in a certificate of specialization. Available pathways follow:

  • Advanced Energy Technologies
  • Bioengineering and Biotechnology
  • Environmental Engineering Science
  • Energy and Environmental Nanotechnology
  • Energy and Environmental Management

For more detailed information, please visit the MEng in EECE webpage.