The graduate program in the Department of Anthropology at Washington University is a PhD program designed to educate and develop scholars and researchers who study the human condition through time and across cultures. Our graduates apply these skills to academics, business, government, and nongovernmental jobs and careers. Although candidates may receive an AM degree during the course of their study, the department does not offer a standalone master's degree. The anthropology department has a strong tradition of graduate student satisfaction and close mentoring by faculty advisors. In addition, graduates of the Washington University anthropology PhD program have a solid history of placement in highly desirable academic and nonacademic positions.

The Department of Anthropology has a strong three-subdiscipline approach, with concentrations in archaeology, sociocultural anthropology, and biological anthropology. Applicants are required to choose a concentration from among the three subdisciplines when applying. Program strengths in archaeology include the origins of agriculture and pastoralism, paleoethnobotany, zooarchaeology, geoarchaeology, landscape archaeology, and environmental archaeology. Sociocultural anthropology foci include politics, pluralism and religion, indigenous political movements, the politics of gender and sexuality, fertility and population, global health and the environment, and medical anthropology. Program strengths in biological anthropology include human and primate evolution, the ecology and conservation of modern primates, human physiology, biological variation in living human populations, quantitative studies of morphology and genetics, and human life history.

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