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Master's Candidacy

To earn a master’s degree at Washington University, a student must complete all courses required by their department; maintain satisfactory academic progress; fulfill all academic and residence requirements; and file an Intent to Graduate. For a general layout of master’s degree general requirements in Arts & Sciences, including an explanation of Satisfactory Academic Progress, students should review the Master’s Degree Academic Information page of the Arts & Sciences Bulletin.

Program Requirements

  • Total Units Required: 36
    • Classics follows the Arts & Sciences minimum grade requirement of C- or better for courses that apply to the program. Students are expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in courses that count toward their credit units.
  • Degree Length: 2 academic years
    • Note: Students must be enrolled in 9 graduate credits each semester to retain full-time status. As students complete their course work, if enrolled in fewer than 9 graduate credits, they must enroll in a specific Arts & Sciences graduate course that will show 0 units but does count as full-time status. Students should connect with their department to ensure proper enrollment prior to Add/Drop.

AM in Classics

Candidates may obtain an AM degree in Classics by completing 36 graduate units of credit, completing a reading list, and taking a series of examinations. Students applying to continue in the Classics department's PhD program must also write a master's thesis. Others may choose to complete the AM with or without a thesis.


Total units required: 36 units, including the following:

Specific required courses: 9 units

Classics 503Classical Studies: Theories, Methods & Practice (a proseminar on materials, methods, and professional issues in Classics; offered every 2 years)3
Greek 445Greek Prose Composition (offered every 2 years; graduate-level course number: Greek 5450)3
Latin 444Latin Prose Composition (offered every 2 years; graduate-level course number: Latin 5440)3
Total Units9

Other course requirements: 27 units

  • At least 6 units in Greek (L09) (two options are offered every semester)
  • At least 6 units in Latin (L10) (two or more options are offered every semester)
  • Students writing a master's thesis in their second year may enroll in 0, 3, or 6 research credits

Most remaining courses will be in Greek, Latin and Classics. All must be at the 500/5000 level or above. With the guidance of the director of graduate studies, students may take 3 course units outside of the Classics department.

Research credits: 6 units

The master's thesis counts for 6 units. Any student opting not to write a thesis will fulfill these units with additional courses.

Modern Language Competence

This competence can be in German, French or Italian. The requirement may be fulfilled by courses or examination.

Program Exams

  • Greek Reading List
  • Latin Reading List

Students not planning to go on to a PhD program in Classics may opt to take the Reading List exam in one language (Greek or Latin) only. Those who pursue this option must still complete at least 6 units in the other language at the 500/5000 level or above. The examination will require the student to demonstrate competence in translation and interpretation as well as in knowledge of the relevant scholarship.

Teaching Option

AM students may have the opportunity to assist faculty as paid student workers in undergraduate courses. They are also eligible to enroll in the department’s graduate course in Classics pedagogy.

Contact Info

Contact:Cathy Keane