Higher Education, Graduate Certificate

Certificate Candidacy

To earn a graduate certificate at Washington University, a student must complete all courses required by their department; maintain satisfactory academic progress; fulfill all academic and residence requirements; and file an Intent to Graduate. Graduate certificates are not standalone programs and are only available to current students in applicable graduate programs. Thus, graduate certificates are conferred at the same time as the student’s primary graduate program.

Program Requirements

  • Total Units Required: 12
  • Certificate Length: Varies
    • Current Washington University doctoral students who are interested in pursuing the Graduate Certificate Program in Higher Education (GCPHE) may begin taking courses pursuant to the Certificate upon entry into the university. Students in departments outside of the Department of Education must obtain approval from their home department in order to officially enroll in the GCPHE.
  • Students must achieve a grade of C or better for courses to count toward the certificate program. Students are expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in courses that count toward their requirements. Thus, among courses of equal weight, each grade of C must be balanced by at least one A.
  • Note: Students must be enrolled in 9 graduate credits each semester to retain full-time status. As students complete their course work, if enrolled in fewer than 9 graduate credits, they must enroll in a specific Arts & Sciences graduate course that will show 0 units but does count as full-time status. Students should connect with their department to ensure proper enrollment prior to Add/Drop.

Required Courses

Doctoral students interested in pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education must take a total of either four courses (12 total credit units) or three courses (9 total credit units) and engage in a 3-credit-unit Mentored Experience in Higher Education (MEHE) through the Department of Education. Students will complete only one course from each of the following course groupings until their 9- or 12-credit-unit requirement has been met: (1) Foundations of Education, Assessment, and Evaluation; (2) Diversity and Inclusion in Education; and (3) Critical Issues in Higher Education. Students may elect to take a further course in Critical Issues in Higher Education or to enroll in an MEHE. To enroll in an MEHE, the student consults with the practicum supervisor, and then, the MEHE must be approved by the director of graduate studies in the Department of Education. 

Contact Info

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