Study Abroad/Exchange Programs

The practice of law is increasingly global in nature. Washington University School of Law offers a variety of study abroad options that are designed to prepare students for practice in an international and transnational legal market. Each of our partner schools has been selected on the basis of its strong international academic and professional reputation, its commitment to a high-quality study abroad experience, and its location.

The educational objectives of each program are to provide students with the opportunity to learn and understand foreign legal systems and cultures as well as to offer comparative and international course work that complements the courses available at Washington University. Washington University works closely with our foreign law school partners to ensure the highest quality of courses and learning opportunities for each student.

Law students have various avenues that they can pursue to study abroad for credit. Visit the School of Law Study Abroad Programs page for more information.

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Mike Koby
Associate Dean, International and Graduate Programs

Rachael Johnson
International and Graduate Program Coordinator

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