The Summer School in Arts & Sciences offers courses, programs and institutes for current and visiting students, including pre-college learners. Summer School courses are scheduled over five separate sessions to accommodate a variety of student schedules. For more information, visit the Summer School website or call 314-935-4695.

International Summer Study

Undergraduate university students from around the world join us each year for International Summer Study. Current undergraduate students can participate in our five-week program, during which they will take two courses, attend social and cultural events, and meet with university deans and directors. For more information, visit the webpage for International Summer Study or call 314-935-4695.

WUSTL-ALLEX Intensive Chinese and Japanese Language Institutes

Students jump-start their Chinese and Japanese language proficiency in this seven-week, 4-unit program. Small classes are taught by master professors who represent many of the country's preeminent Asian language programs as well as native speakers from China, Taiwan and Japan. With two teachers for every language student, the program features frequent and meaningful cultural exchanges in the target language and teaches students to speak and act in a culturally appropriate way. For more information, visit the webpage for Intensive Chinese & Japanese Institutes or call 314-935-4695.

WUSTL-ALLEX Chinese and Japanese Teacher Training Institute

Postbaccalaureate students from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea, Japan and Taiwan study Asian language pedagogy in this seven-week, 4.5-unit program. After learning from master professors, students go on to colleges and universities across the country to launch or enhance Chinese, Korean and Japanese language programs. For more information, visit the webpage for ALLEX Foundation Teacher Trainees or call 314-935-4695.

Pre-College Programs

Arts & Sciences Pre-College Programs offer a variety of programs for academically advanced middle and high school students. Visit the Pre-College Programs page for more information.