This program will officially come to a close by spring of 2026. Explore CAPS’s exciting, new undergraduate offerings, including the reimagined Integrated Studies undergraduate degree programs.

Meditating on the history of the American South, novelist William Faulkner famously proclaimed, "The past is never dead. It's not even past." Learning about the relationship of the past to the present is what history is all about. The past is indeed not past: it shapes, in complex and powerful ways, the world we live in now. Yet the past can be radically different from the present. Studying history allows us to grasp the immense variety of human experience across time, place and culture; to develop insight into the ways that people understand themselves in relation to the societies in which they live; and to engage critically with contemporary issues.

Students who major in history at the School of Continuing & Professional Studies are encouraged to cultivate a broad understanding of global themes while also having the flexibility to focus on areas of special interest. Our instructors emphasize the development of analytic skills that are useful not only in history courses but also in a range of occupations and professions, including law, business, communications, education and public policy. These skills include organizing and interpreting data, developing logical and convincing arguments, doing research and sifting the significant from the insignificant, reading with comprehension, and writing with precision and clarity. Whether students pursue a major, a minor, or simply sample our courses, studying history will help them to develop the knowledge and critical skills that are essential for life in an increasingly complex and contentious world.

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