Somatic Studies

Somatic practices promote integrated personal development by training students in processes for mindful, embodied living; they complement disciplines of inquiry and knowledge related to the human body and mind. Although these disciplines are relatively new to Western thought, somatic practices are recognized in numerous ancient and contemporary cultures not only as beneficial to physical health but also as methods for the cultivation of the mind and the discovery of knowledge. Such experience may inform and complement knowledge in such areas as biology, neuroscience, physics, psychology, philosophy, anthropology and religious studies. Somatic practices also have applied value in professions such as education, performing arts, athletics, medicine and physical therapy.

The Certificate in Somatic Studies offers a diverse spectrum of established movement processes aimed at self-development, with courses taught by certified instructors in their respective disciplines. With the coordinator's approval, a maximum of 3 units of course work from other disciplines may be applied to the Certificate in Somatic Studies.

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