Romance Languages and Literatures

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures offers PhD programs in French Language and Literature and in Hispanic Studies, preparing students for careers in university teaching and research as well as for diverse career options in areas that include higher education administration, libraries and special collections, and humanities and arts organizations. With our faculty's wide-ranging expertise, graduate students have opportunities to specialize in many areas of French, Francophone, Latin American, and Iberian cultures. We offer a broad range of study from medieval through contemporary, with opportunities to concentrate in a variety of different areas that reflect the areas of expertise of our faculty, including migrations and communities; popular literacy and cultural memory; early modern and modern cultural production; the intersections of literature, art, and the sciences; modernities and postmodernities; visual cultures and performance; and linguistics and language learning. The department also offers the Graduate Certificate in Language Instruction, which is open to PhD students in other disciplines as well as to those in the department's own graduate programs.

Students in both programs will be funded for up to six years, the expected program length. 

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For information about the combined degrees — the PhD in French & Comparative Literature and the PhD in Hispanic Studies & Comparative Literature — consult the Comparative Literature program page of this Bulletin.

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