JD/MSW Program

The Juris Doctor/Master of Social Work (JD/MSW) dual degree offers students the opportunity to gain an exceptional knowledge base and skill set that will prepare them to assume positions of leadership in law and social policy, to advocate effectively for clients, to understand systems and institutions, and to actively pursue social justice. Students enrolled in Washington University's JD/MSW program frequently seek careers in the areas of traditional social work, public interest law, government administration, nonprofit management, social entrepreneurship, and public policy, among others.

The JD/MSW program generally takes four years to complete, which is one less than it would take if the two degrees were completed separately. Students may start their first year in either the School of Law or the Brown School. They will generally move to their counterpart school for the second year and then pursue mixed course work during the final two years. Students who start in only one program are welcome to apply to the other and begin the dual degree during their second year. More details about the program may be found on the School of Law website.

In addition to the required 8 credits of social work practicum fieldwork, many JD/MSW students also participate in one or more of the law school's clinical programs, including the Children's Rights Clinic or the Criminal Justice Clinic. Students find meaningful and applicable course offerings in both schools, including in areas such as family law, labor and employment law, practice with children and youth, critical jurisprudence, social policy, health policy, intergroup dialogue, and practice with immigrant populations.

The Law & Social Work Society, a student group shared between the two schools, exists to facilitate the process of obtaining both degrees and to serve as a platform for interdisciplinary communication between the two schools. The society sponsors activities throughout the year, including community service projects, academic assistance meetings, alumni networking events, and social functions.

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