Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the science of human movement applied to rehabilitation, injury, fitness, injury prevention and overall health. Practicing in a variety of settings, physical therapists diagnose and treat movement dysfunction in patients with skill, competence and compassion. The Program in Physical Therapy is committed to providing students with excellent scientific and clinical education in an environment that strives to continually lead the industry in practice, research, innovation and advocacy of movement health.

The Program in Physical Therapy at the School of Medicine offers two formal curricula that collectively foster opportunities for lifelong learning and comprehensive career development: the Doctor of Physical Therapy and the PhD in Movement Science.

The Human Movement System Approach

Diagram showing the integrated parts of the human movement system

The Program in Physical Therapy has pioneered a unique, movement-based approach to physical therapy. The human movement system is at the core of our approach to physical therapy education, research and patient care. This system consists of physiological organ systems that interact to produce and support the movement of the body and its parts. Movement science is the study of the movement system, and we believe physical therapists are the world's movement system experts.

Our program has pioneered the development of movement-focused physical therapy education, research and treatment. The human movement system continues to be our foundation for treating patients, conducting research, and training the next generation of leaders in physical therapy. Our vision is aligned with the vision of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), which is to "transform society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience."

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