The policies and guidelines listed here relate to Washington University’s and the medical school’s educational mission. These policies, procedures and guidelines exist to assist Washington University students, faculty and administrators with doing the business of Washington University in St. Louis in ways that are effective, consistent and compliant and to provide a safe, effective and supportive environment in which to learn, teach and work.

Washington University Policies & Guidelines

Some universitywide policies are available on the University Policies page of this Bulletin. A more complete list is available on the Washington University Compliance and Policies page.

School of Medicine Policies & Guidelines

Washington University School of Medicine is committed to providing a safe, professional and supportive environment in which to learn. These policies and guidelines pertain to professionalism, appropriate conduct and student rights. They exist to protect students and employees as they conduct their daily responsibilities.

MD Program Policies & Guidelines

These policies and guidelines pertain to the four- and five-year medical degree programs as well as to the MD portion of joint degree programs. Full information about the Student Constitution and Bylaws can be found in Canvas.

Health Professions Policies & Guidelines

For information regarding the policies and guidelines of the following degrees and programs, please visit these sites:

Joint Degree Program Policies & Guidelines

For policies and guidelines relating to any joint degree program, please refer to the MD program section of this page and the polices and guidelines for the respective program areas.